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SHOW BOAT (1929) - U.S. 8x10 Photograph*

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Price: $35.00
Item Number: CS-SHOWBOAT-S01
Vintage original 8x10 in. U.S. single-weight glossy still photograph (NN: 4704.189), fine condition.

The hugely popular musical/drama/romance Show Boat was released in 1929 by Universal Pictures and directed by Harry A. Pollard. The image features a close shot of Julie Dozier (Alma Rubens) sadly looking at a photograph inside a lavishly furnished room. This vintage original still photograph is in fine condition with a 1 in. diagonal crease in the top left corner within the borders only; a 0.25 in. vertical mark from a ballpoint pen in the right portion of the top border; a 0.25 in. diagonal crease on the top right corner, the bottom right corner and on the bottom left corner.

Filmed as a silent, with some of the scenes later reshot with dialogue and songs. After the film proper was completed, including the few scenes reshot for sound, an 18-minute prologue was added, featuring members of the original Broadway cast: Helen Morgan (Julie), Jules Bledsoe (Joe) and Tess Gardella (Queenie). The prologue's soundtrack exists, but some parts of the film are missing. However, some of the lost footage of the prologue has been found, both sound and picture, and this includes footage apparently not included in the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) edition of the film. Some of this once-lost footage is included in A&E's Biography: The Great Ziegfeld and a few scenes from this footage are now included in the three-part PBS documentary Broadway: The American Musical. The discovered footage includes Jules Bledsoe singing "Ol' Man River" with the Dixie Jubilee Singers in full costume. Also featured on this "Biography" episode were scenes of Tess Gardella singing "C'mon Folks" and Helen Morgan singing "Bill." All of these scenes survive in only faintly tolerable sound and picture quality.

Show Boat; Universal Pictures; 1929; based upon the novel by Edna Ferber; dir: Harry A. Pollard: cast: Laura La Plante, Joseph Schildkraut, Emily Fitzroy, Otis Harlan, Alma Rubens, Jack McDonald, Jane La Verne, Neely Edwards, Elise Bartlett, Stepin Fetchit.
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