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SOULS FOR SALE (1923) - U.S. Lobby Card #01

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Price: SOLD
Item Number: LC-SOULS-LC1
Vintage original 11x14 in. U.S. lobby card, fine condition.

The very popular and acclaimed silent film drama Souls for Sale was released in 1923 by Goldwyn Pictures and was directed by Rupert Hughes. This film offers behind-the-scenes footage of two legendary silent era director/performers at work: Charles Chaplin directing his comedy-drama A Woman of Paris and Erich von Stroheim directing his epic production of Greed. Of additional interest are top directors Marshall Neilan directing The Eternal Grind and Fred Niblo directing The Famous Mrs. Fair, as both of these films appear lost, so this may be the only extant footage of them. The image features a dramatic moment from the movie as the film's star, Eleanor Boardman (as Hollywood star Remember Steddon), is seated on the edge of her bed after hearing an intruder inside her home. The tagline beneath the image reads: She waited breathlessly for the next move of the intruder. Also featured on this scene card are wonderful portraits of the film's top-billed stars which include Eleanor Boardman, Mae Busch, Frank Mayo, Richard Dix, Lew Cody and the highly collectable Barbara La Marr. This scene card is in fine condition with a 1/8" wide by 1.75 in. long area of sticky residue in the top left and right corners within the borders area from where a paper hinge was affixed to hold this lobby card behind a mat inside a frame. There is a tiny diagonal crease on the top right corner, a tiny black dot in the lower portion of the left border and a tiny circular smudge in the lower half of the bottom right corner; a 0.5 in. long area of staining in the bottom left corner within the borders and a very light thin vertical line down most of the length of the left border (which may be a printing error or a light impression from the mat previously described above).

Souls for Sale; Goldwyn Pictures Corp.; 1923; dir: Rupert Hughes; cast: Eleanor Boardman, Frank Mayo, Richard Dix, Mae Busch, Barbara La Marr, Lew Cody, Forrest Robinson, Edith Yorke, Snitz Edwards, William Haines, Dale Fuller, Erich von Stroheim, Jean Hersholt, Charles Chaplin, Fred Niblo.
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